A Couple Things To Update


I’ve lost a few pounds by switching to Dr Pepper 10, something I’ve needed to do for some time now. Hopefully I will continue to lose, which in this case, is winning. My grandfather lost his leg to complications arising from diabetes, so I know how important this is.

In other news, I am still waiting on word from Baen books about The Last Captain. It seems the file was caught in the editor’s spam filter for four months. I cannot say I’m pleased, but it is what it is.

I haven’t been up for much writing of late, and my wrist is punishing me for being out of shape right now. If it keeps complaining, I may have to buy Dragon and start talking to my computer.

Work has been an odd concoction of crazed morons and rough circumstances these last few weeks, with moving courtrooms, clerk strikes, and investigations.

I am looking forward a great deal to a couple things:

Chicon 7 in August will be my first as a paid author, with the added bonus that many of the fans and folks who write for 1632 are doing a con within the con. I hope that someday I’ll be on a panel or two at one of these events.

World Fantasy in November looks to be a good time, though expensive. It’s in Toronto, where I lived briefly, as a child. Hope to get a police patch or two while I’m there.

Then, this movie looks to be quite the entertainment:

No one makes a better antagonist than NAZIS!

Then there is this show, about to be released on BBC America, called Copper:

Oh, and I plan to do more frequent updates here on the blog as well…

We’ll see how that goes.