Upcoming Books, Ongoing Projects

So this year I will have a couple of things coming to a bookstore near you:

Broken Sun, a short story appearing in an anthology titled Fantastic Hope, is something I am quite proud of. Fantastic Hope is scheduled for release April 20th, 2020, and is the brainchild of William McCaskey and Lauren K. Hamilton, of Anita Blake fame. There are some other impressive names in the bunch, including Larry Correia and Patricia Briggs, as well as Kevin J Anderson. My co-author on the project below, Kacey Ezell, is also in the anthology, and I can't wait to read her story.

I was approached to write for the anthology very late in the timeline for turn-in and had some other things to work on, which forced me to work out the story A to Z over the course of a long weekend. I managed to turn in the story on time, amazing myself. I am not a fast typist, and as a pantser (for short stories, at least), I was amazed how easily the story flowed. Mind you, the protagonist of this story is the antagonist from an unpublished novel, indeed my first, so I had already inhabited the character some time ago.

Second Chance Angel, a novel of Last Stop Station, co-authored with the stupendously-talented Kacey Ezell, is scheduled for release September 8th, 2020.

We will have a cover reveal soonish, and I can't wait, as I love both book and the cover.

I am quite proud of this novel, as Kacey and I basically fell on the idea whilst talking shit (texting, rather) one day. We had both been on a noir kick, and I was watching Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube.

I sent Kacey this video, telling her it inspired a vision of an opening scene of a novel, a very noir novel:

She responded with, "We should write it."

Well, challenge me and you see what comes of it...

Ongoing Projects:

I am working on a novella-length story set in Chuck Gannon's Caine Riordon Universe. I've already started the novella, and I think people who enjoyed my story, Crate 88 in the anthology Lost Signals of The Terran Republic will also enjoy it. I am uncertain of the exact timeline for publication, I just know I have to get it done sooner rather than later. There's a really killer line-up of authors working on this series of novellas, which will be published by Chris Kennedy Publishing, an outfit I've never worked with before but heard great things about.

Mike Massa and Kacey Ezell are also writing novellas for this series, and I've already read a draft of Mike's story, and I am so psyched to try and follow his lead as well as see what Kacey does with hers.

I need surgery on my back sooner rather than later, so I need to get the novella done, or at least complete a draft before that happens.

I wrote several hundred words on that novella as well as on a fantasy project titled, A Petty Necromancy, that I have worked on off and on for years. I'm hopeful the finish line is in sight for that project. Then it will just be a matter of selling it...