Eclipse Phase and Warhammer WIth Old Friends

There’s a game that kept calling to me from the shelves at Black Diamond Games. It has a starship or habitat in the foreground holding a space-suited humanoid in the grip of some biomechanical tentacle. Things don’t look good for the humanoid. The game is called Eclipse Phase, and it is something completely different. Reading it has been a treat, and the possibilities for storytelling seem near-endless. I will continue to read it, and perhaps run it in a few months time… Perhaps on RPOL, I am not sure. The writing is of very high quality and the editing extremely well done (I have read one error in the 100 pages or so I read. Usually this number is closer to thirty for a proportionate amount of pages).

Saturday night the Greedy Little Bastards got together and dealt with Nadia, the Slaaneshi courtesan that has been preparing for the reckoning since the GLB drugged her and another prostitute at The Golden Trumpet as part of a heist. The actual theft was accomplished relatively easy, but there was a bit of a problem that led to the rat-catcher’s immortal words, “If you’re going to get this wound up every time a whore gets killed, I don’t think we can work together.”

As they stole something of great value from her, Nadia wanted it back and employed her Kislevite henchman and a local protagonist to recover the artifact. The Greedy Little Bastards weren’t having it, and while one of them was savagely beaten, managed to beat off their attackers, killing the protagonist. A few days later, the Kislevite man died shortly after eating some tainted food.

While aware she was a threat, other business pressed them for time, and the Greedy Little Bastards decided not to deal with her.

A few months later, while trying to assemble information to use for blackmailing snotball league officials, the Greedy Little Bastards found out about a child prostitution ring with connections to The Golden Trumpet. They decided to catch the official in the act and one of their number arranged to be a client. Things went badly wrong, and two of the GLB were left for dead while the third one ran for help. One of the rescuers died.

Still more months passed before a man approached The Greedy Little Bastards with a proposition for them: kill Nadia and he would reward them.

They took up the challenge. With a lot of preparation, things went slightly less bad this time, despite the presence of two demons Nadia had invoked for her protection. Only one of the Greedy Little Bastards was nearly killed.

During the set-up for the assassination, the ratcatcher had yet another great line, “I’m afraid these cats are defective and not doing their jobs. I must inspect them.”

Everyone had a great deal of fun, too.