Epic Pub Crawl

Tonight, the first real night of World Fantasy, was a trip. Nay, it was an odyssey approaching beer nirvana. Jim Minz and Jetse De Vries, aka J&J productions, took us on a pub crawl extraordinary. We  sampled beers from all the local breweries and generally consumed vast quantities of beverages. We also ate well, and told stories both humorous and fun. My roomie this WFC, Rob Hicks, was also along, observing with me as we mere mortals rode the coat-tails of Titans.
After all was done and drunk, we returned to the hotel grounds for a brief sobering session and longer talk  with other guests, many of whom seemed to have arrived while we were pursuing the many fine expressions of the brewers art to be had in the San Diego area.
Tomorrow, hangover permitting, more of same, perhaps with more mere mortals.
All in all, an excellent start to WFC 2011.