Feelin’ The Love

My phone is also my alarm and my little office outside the office I don’t really have. I usually, when drawn from my dreamless slumber, first check my email for any earthshaking news, as I am still waiting on news from that book, you know, the one that’s at the publishing house I hope to whore for. I then do the usual, which is to say; shit, shave and shower (In that order, though sometimes the shitting comes much later in the day. What can I say, I’m not completely regular.).

Today’s email had a nice note, actually a notification of a direct message from a writer friend on Twitter requesting a chance to read some more of my scribbles and dribbles. It warms the heart when anyone asks to read my work, let alone out of the blue.

I sent some scribbles along. I hope she enjoys. I certainly enjoyed feelin’ the love.

Now, to generate some more scribbles.