FogCon 2013

This last week I had that circles thing I spoke of in the past come round and help me out. I’ve been in a bit of rut lately, not so much with the actual writing, but more with feeling things were proceeding at a glacial pace.

At any rate, Jaym Gates posted on Facebook that she was attending FogCon this weekend. Never having heard of FogCon, I checked it out. I immediately went shit, this stuff is right up my alley and it’s close to home! Too bad I’m too late to get on a panel or two.

Later, I whined exactly that to Jaym, who went and offered to write the programmers and let them know who I was. I accepted her generous offer of introductions and, by Thursday I was assigned two panels: one was titled The Ticking Time Bomb, having to do with interrogations.

On the panel with me were: Daniel Starr, Terry Karner, Phyllis Holliday, and either Alan Bostick or Gary Farber, I’m not sure which (there was a late change to the line-up, and I didn’t record the beginning).

Part one of my recording of that panel is, hopefully, here.

It should be noted that I misspoke when I say I had been on every interrogation, meaning to say I had been on many more interrogations than most officers of my experience:

As you can hear, the military interrogation specialist was exceptionally good. I did my best to keep up: Daniel Starr was our moderator, and did a good job of keeping us in hand.
I apologize for the low quality of the recordings, it was hard enough to get the damn things up on Blogger, requiring seven hours of attempts and a lot of grumbling.

My second panel, on Saturday, was titled Telepathic Cop catch a Teleporting Criminal. I am not sure why I didn’t record that one, but I didn’t. It went just as well, I think. No one jumped up and laid a verbal whipping on me, in any case.

Overall, I think it was a successful weekend and that I did quite well on my first panels as a published author.