Gaming News, and Something About Fiction Too

I still have yet to devote much time to reading fiction, though I have been reading a lot of Eclipse Phase, the roleplaying game I just picked up. It has a fascinating setting that I think I will enjoy telling stories in.

I have also been picking up the pace on my Rogue Trader game on RPOL. Delicious agonies will follow.

I let my face-to-face Warhammer game slide this last weekend to give the family more attention. I hope to add a new wrinkle and some ‘new’ players this weekend via webcam and microphones. One is willing to log in from England, and another from further north in California. Hopefully it will work out and everyone will have some fun. I think another heist might be in order, now they’ve dealt with almost all the enemies they know they have.

Today I will jack the headphones in and get some writing done on Bridge of The Broken, and consider plots for the other short story I have been thinking on.

But first, to get Boo to school.