If I Had Powers Of The Mind, Things Would Be A Bit Different ‘Round Here.

“I’m late, do something ’bout it. I need to know what you’ve already told everyone else. Repeat it just for me, I was sexting my mistress while you were talking.”

Done, I glare.

Veins pop out in the asshat’s neck as the air is cut off first. Hands begin to wave as the fool realizes the depth of his stupid. His mouth begins to gape even as his face turns purple. Impressive, the way the strings of snot braid themselves on the way from nose to ground.

A moment more and the limbs grow weak, the target staggers, cow-stupid eyes pleading.

Still I glare, forcing the issue to its inevitable, conclusion.

With a strangled sigh, the fight is won. A last few moments of legs drumming against the floor, then a puff of sulphur-yellow smoke dribbles from the ears.

I take a sip of water, “Anyone else want to ask stupid questions that have already been answered?”