Last Night

The weather is supposed to be horrendous this weekend, so I hurried home last night, got on the roof, and cleared out the gutters in preparation for the torrential rains expected maƱana.

This process involves my electric leaf blower, catalpa tree bean cases, a few hundred pounds of leaf litter, and the tiny gravel of my composite roof decomposing into a syrupy, black stew of rather odious character. Howling red poodles are also involved. The dog loves to run through the leaves I send flying into the back yard, barking insanely at the howling creature stalking the rooftop and scattering litter in his territory.

So, as darkness fell, I nearly fell from the roof. I then set about trying to clean the filth from my person, the dog sniffing me like I was ome portion of this thick black ichor usually spatters back into my face and lodges under the nails, giving me a pleasing (Or at least entertaining?) smell.

That task completed, it was discovered that the batteries in the camera were dead and that none remained charged the house (Damn you, Wii). I jumped on the moto, got said batteries, then rushed to the church, where I claimed seating for the Coolness, My Girl, and The Mother-In-Law.

An hour later my daughter’s christmas pageant began. For the most part it was about as exciting as that sounds, but oh so wonderful to see her, face shining, singing along with her classmates.