Long Week

I’m not feeling myself today; waking with a bit of scratch in the throat and snot-packed head. I do so love the onset of the ick. I think I might curl up and finish reading the anthology I started some time ago. I hope to get some writing done, but the Ick and writing don’t mix all that well…

Today’s SciFiChat on Twitter was about the best of the decade in Fantasy.

I hammered my opinion into the heads of those listening. Namely: Peter V Brett’s Demon Cycle, which started with the novel The Warded Man, is the bee’s knees, and my pick for the best fantasy of the last decade.

Now, many might have a strong argument for George RR Martin’s series, but Game of Thrones came out in 1999, so there…

I also plugged the shit out of Myke Cole, Sam Sykes, and Tim Akers, all of whom I have met and found cool cats Cole’s books are not on the market yet, but Tim and Sam both have books available: Tim’s most recent offering is Horns of Ruin and Sam’s is Tome of the Undergates .

I didn’t get to participate in Litchat as much as I might have liked, as work intruded. It was about a book, Writers Behaving Badly, which sounded quite interesting. Alas, so little time, so many books.

Last night, while corresponding with my agent, he spurred an idea in my head. I think it has legs. We shall see… First, however, to finish Bridge of The Broken and keep our fingers crossed about The Last Captain.