Man the FUCK UP

A teeth-sucking asshat this morning brings this rant to boil over onto the page. It seems a bit like I have already said much of it before, but my life is nothing if not repetitive, so you can bear with me:

Males, you need to take a moment, grab your fucking sacks, and take ownership of what you do. If you make a mistake (and I have made and will continue to make, my share) or fuck up, you need to own and learn from it, not try and find someone to lay your shit off on. You are not entitled to any sympathy, but if I see you struggling to own, rather than throw off, responsibility, I might throw you a bone. Others who think like I do might do the same. They are under no obligation to, but they might. Now, a litany of FUCK UP:

If you are a drinker, and you like to drive after a few pops, then when the universe comes knocking to collect that karmic debt you’ve managed to avoid until that moment, don’t think you are entitled to get around it. No one, not one person, can say they didn’t know it was illegal and just plain stupid to drive drunk. If you get busted, man the FUCK UP.

If you’re the type of bastard likes to sock his lady friends about, when the cops come, break your door down and take their sweet time fighting your resisting ass into custody, don’t think it is anything other than your actions that led to that moment and man the FUCK UP.

If you deal dope and one day you sell to the wrong motherfucker, winding up arrested and getting strip searched, quit your whining. You knew the risks when you decided to work the far side of what’s legal. Man the FUCK UP.

If you happen to like to drive faster than the posted speed limit, you know you might get caught. When you do, don’t try and lay it off on others, try and whine your way out. Man the FUCK UP.

If you make a mistake at work, don’t try and cover that shit, man the FUCK UP.

If you cheat on your wife, your taxes, or anything else, you know you might get caught. When you do, man the FUCK UP and take what’s coming to you.

Here endeth todays rant.