Ninja Morons

No matter how many times I work, I find myself eternally surprised by the stupidity of some people. My head nearly exploded as tonight I discovered why: Ninja Morons.

Most morons are easily identified: the drooling, the non-sequiters, the general miasma of stupid that surrounds them.

Not ninja morons. They sneak up on you, presenting themselves as regular folk, people who actually understand the world around them. Ninja morons quietly slip and slide between the shadows, ready to pounce upon anyone pressed for time, hoping to be done with the work placed in front of them. The Ninja Moron strikes with amazing precision, devastating blows of insipid moronic behavior that gnaw the very fabric of time, spitting it out in partially digested chunks, worthless to those unfortunate enough to share the misfortune to run afoul of ninja morons.

I hope to develop a strategy or technology for detecting these specialist, and highly dangerous, morons. Until I do, they will continue to plague my existence, grinding the pleasure from life, stealing moments from others with their vicious, unlooked-for attacks of stupid.

For now, all I can do is keep the lights on and stare into the shadows, hoping I can minimize their depredations.