The Cool, She Continues…

Last night I commented to my wife and daughter how lucky I am. My life at home makes all other things possible, including my semi-sanity. But I don’t think my wife will appreciate me getting all sappy on her here, so I will instead talk about The Cool, and how She continues to roll through my life of late…

I have been blessed in recent weeks with old friends and new who kept to the promise they showed me, both making my life easier and filling it with experiences that rank among the best I could imagine.

No, I did not say promises, as in something one might utter.

Instead I refer to the promise I felt in them; of good things, deep conversation, deeper laughter, shared moments of time that etch themselves in memory. The promise of friendships renewed and fresh-grown is what I speak of.

I set out to make this a post that allowed the unleashing of my inner fanboi, but found I couldn’t go there. You see, I am a fan of all my friends, and wish the best for them, always. I moved, through conversation and correspondence, into the friendzone with a number of the people I have long admired in the field of speculative fiction.

So I can’t very well brag about who I’ve spoken with, can I?