The Fifth Element & Heavy Metal

I have been a Heavy Metal fan since I was about twelve. I am not referring to the music, though I am a fan of most metal. I instead refer to the magazine loaded with the offerings of artists like Moebius and Serpieri. The magazines come out quarterly, and are full of fantastic, beautiful artwork. On occasion the stories also attempt different narrative forms and push the envelope.

Some might remember the movie Heavy Metal, which came out in the 80s, and was a fantastic film with an amazing soundtrack and cast of voice-actors. Later, there was Fakk2, a less successful (and less worthy) offering.

Why do I bring this up?

Because The Fifth Element, one of the most successful science fiction movies ever produced, is on just now, and the art direction is entirely inspired by and rendered by the artists that graced the pages of Heavy Metal.

If you have not seen the film, do so. If you have not read the magazine, give it a look. Both are worth watching.