To Reno I Go…

In two weeks I head to the armpit of the nation, Reno NV! I lived there for about a year, made a few good friends, and happily left it for Northern California.

What draws me back to that which I name the festering crotch of the nation’s arm and torso?

The World SF Convention, AKA Renovation.

Mike Resnick convinced me I must attend. Alistair Kimble will also be in attendance. As will Mark Van Name, John Scalzi, and a number of other names and luminaries of the industry (some of whom I have even been known to call friend).

It will be my first World SF and I do so look forward to a weekend of indulging my geek and basking in awe of the talent I know will be there.

If you are going, please add a comment below, and I will hunt you down.

If you ain’t, well, that green-eyed monster I see behind you will just have to keep you company!