Two Things:

Thing One:

A funny thing happened at work tonight: I tell everyone to shut their phones off. Twenty minutes later and this guy’s phone is going off. He’s on it, shutting it down before I even look at him. 

When I do, he looks at me and says, purse falling out his mouth, “It gets turned on when you bend over.”

I shit you not.

I fled the room, desperately trying not to laugh my ass off.
Thing two:

I finished the re-write on The Last Captain tonight;  ahead of the schedule I set two months ago. A good thing, I think.
Two years, two computers, a few cranky nights and a few more even crankier nights, and the 123,ooo words of The Last Captain (Redux) is ready for my first readers.
I am not confident. I am hopeful, but not confident.
Really, I’m just happy to be able to put it aside for a while. I’ve been working on it for two years. The re-write took just over five months once I found my rhythm and settled in to crank pages.
I get a couple weeks grace, then get feedback from agent and readers. Then, hopefully, I fix what’s broke and submit it to publisher #1.
Hopefully they’ll get turned on when I bend over.