Not much to rant about today.

I had a good weekend, watched UFC 126 at a friend’s place with a bunch of his other friends, whom I did not know. ‘Twas a very pleasant time, even if the fights held almost no surprises in their outcomes.

I wrote 2,ooo words this morning on Bridge of The Broken, a pretty mean feat for my slow typing ass. This is good as, due the stress of waiting and some financial difficulties, I haven’t sat down to write with anything like my post-WFC zeal. I finished the first three chapters today and, for a miracle, I know where things are headed.

When tempted to whine and ask for some cheese to go with it, I consider those of my friends facing real hardship of late: Several are looking down the barrel at the break-up of their marriages, and two have their mothers in hospital.

Here’s hoping that whatever happens, it isn’t too much to survive, hearts intact.