Trying, very hard, to get ahead of my obligations and try and find more time to write here.

As part of the research I am doing for a short story I am writing, I’m reading 1632, by Eric Flint. An enjoyable read overall, intense in places and a bit of a romance in others. Writing even vaguely historical novels is hard, and he does it well. As the short I am working on is set in a relatively unused corner of his universe, I have a bit of leeway. Still, I have a lot of fact-checking to do to ensure continuity with my reading of the history of the region I’ve chosen and Flint’s alternate universe.

The Last Captain is with my friend. He needed a few weeks to even begin an assessment of it. Waiting of this kind is far easier on me than waiting for word from the publisher was, mostly because I know I am imposing on his very limited free time. I have high hopes I will be able to fix what’s wrong with the piece.

Soccer has been a mixed bag. The second game was a bit of a disaster for me as a coach, with my inability to get through to one player driving me to distraction. We have lost the last few games, but the girls are showing steady improvement, playing well and playing well together.

Gaming has been going quite well. The Greedy Little Bastards have been renewed over the last month, with old players returning to table and old friends joining the game. The characters have pulled up stakes, and at last arrived in the big city.

Work is, as usual, work. The childish behavior of adults never ceases to amaze.

Home life is good.

All in all, not so much to whine on about.

I would still like some cheese, if you please.