Vexatious Lawsuits Will Get You Some Heavy Duty Wrath!

So, I have been, for some weeks, following Popehat and their coverage of the dirtbag attorneys in a porn downloader copyright infringement case.

Following, and loving, dearly,  Federal District Court Judge Otis Wright‘s calling ‘bullshit’ on the plaintiff attorneys, who are now sanctioned in this order, after being ordered to show cause in Wright’s court for knowingly being party to the action and numerous other falsehoods including creating a fictitious attorney to sue with.

Now, the reason I posted the Order is because: not only did Wright catch some dirtbags shoveling filth on their profession, and fraud on the people of the nation and courts, he’s also a trekkie to such an extent that he quoted Wrath Of Kahn in the opening of his order and made numerous additional references to Star Trek in it.

Simply, irrevocably, awesome!