Weather Wonders

I am not sure whether the Global Warming folks have it entirely right or not. I do know that it’s a bad thing to keep pumping all the shit we have been into the air, I just suspect that the models we have are not complex enough to account for solar weather, which has to influence our weather to a greater degree than any model I have seen takes into account.

During the Icelandic eruption of 2010 I claimed the coming winter would be colder and have more precipitation than previous years. In some places, this prediction has come true. We can use the cooling, I think.

Regardless, the weather does seem severe this year:

At 30 degrees, it is colder here in Concord than I can remember it being in any of the nearly nine years we’ve lived here.

These photos are from my parent’s place outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. They rarely get more than snow flurries that only accumulate in the shadiest spots.

That is about eight inches of snow accumulating in the hills of Tennessee.

I wonder at that winter wonderland…