When Your Friends And Loved Ones Come Through

I got taken care of this weekend. Big time.

Saturday night I had the boys over for Greedy Little Bastards. One of my players has two daughters that came with, dyeing easter eggs to hunt on Sunday. My daughter and the eldest daughter of my friend told me, in no uncertain terms, to hide the eggs well!

The game went wonderfully, the best I’ve run in months, if not years. All the players were laughing and thoroughly entertained.

During the night I had an email from a friend that managed to get me into World Fantasy this year, transferring his additional attending membership to my name. I owe him such a debt for doing this. I was terribly worried I would not be able to attend the con this year because of a SNAFU I mentioned before.

Sunday morning the aforementioned girls came over and hunted the eggs I planted ahead of time. The girls spent thirty minutes searching my very small back yard, complaining I had hid them too well.

Then, The Coolness made brunch, feeding my two friends and the three egg-huntresses a killer meal. It was a great meal, and my wife a gracious hostess. I am so blessed. My friends were floored, and truly appreciative.

On occasion, I really do need to recognize how lucky I am in my friends and family.