WorldCon Day Uno Part Uno d’Deaux

So, I woke this morning at two forty five. I could not, due to a mixture of excitement and moonlight, get back to sleep. I tried for an hour, then said fuck it and got moving. I left the house before four, hoping to avoid any traffic on the way to Reno. It worked damn well. I rolled into town before traffic got too bad here, even.

Then, I had to wait for registration to open. Then for the hall to open, then for the events to begin.

John Scalzi was kind enough to let me sit and hang with him and a few friends, one of whom happened to be Cory Doctorow. The conversation was fascinating. I wish I had been more awake, that I might have absorbed more. It is not often I can listen while two of the more popular and scintillating minds converse about matters important to them.

I then saw George RR Martin, managed my SQUEEEE reflex, said hello and got a pleasant nod and hello in return.

Now, I am waiting for my wingman.

I am still waiting for the hotel to give me my room, as I can’t check in until after three. I think I will nap for a bit when I do. Hopefully I will be sharper after a bit more rest.

Oh, and I had nearly forgotten how fucking annoying the sound of slot machines can be.