A Really, Really Good Day

This morning I received the contract for some short fiction I have been contracted to write for a game company. Still haven’t signed it, as I am mulling it over, but it’s nice to have such things to think about.

So, a new friend of mine from Facebook, of all places, Dario Ciriello, had a guest membership to BayCon this weekend and offered it to me. I jumped at the chance and took today off from my regular work to attend.

BayCon is a local fan-based SF convention, one that’s been going on for 31 years and seems to be thriving. I attended the opening ceremonies and, shortly after, saw a young woman I could swear I had seen before on Geek And Sundry and really thought, “Wow, that one is cool!”

And no, it wasn’t Veronica Belmont, who I did see and recognized (Hard not to, she’s the toastmistress for the con). It was maddening, though: this recognizing the Bonnie Burton and not being able to place where I had seen her, even when I read her name.

I eventually had to just walk up and ask, “Did I see you on a Storyboard?”

She was gracious and said, “No, though I have been on some other shows on Geek & Sundry.”

I wasn’t sure, but thought maybe: “Vaginal Fantasy?”

“Yes, I am on there.”

Somewhat mollified that I had recalled her Geek And Sundry, and only marginally less uncomfortable in my fanboi moment, I stood there awkwardly. Then Veronica Belmont approached, read my t-shirt, laughed and asked if she could take a picture of me, which was something of a hit all day (It’s the one about drowning morons, for sale on Zazzle). We chatted as a group for a bit, then I took my leave.

I checked in on a couple panels before hitting the bar for a beer. Sitting there, I saw Dario for the first time in person and had a very nice chat with him before he left to prepare for his panel.  I then caught up with him for that panel, which was on death and how we Americans really don’t deal with it in a healthy fashion. Many insightful and thoughtful things were said by the panel and audience,  I was especially impressed by Dario, who I had only met in person twenty minutes before.

Once the panel was over I headed back the bar and again saw Bonnie, Tom, and Veronica. Seeing as I have no shame, I approached and said hello once more. Bonnie and Tom were fun and engaging, and we roved many a field of conversation for some time. I tagged along with them (remember, no shame) to the meet the guests of honor event.

Much later, I said my good evenings and started for home.

It was as I pulled out of the parking lot that it finally hit me: I had recognized Bonnie from when she appeared on Wil Wheaton’s TABLETOP game of FIASCO and totally owned using stellar roleplay and awesome storytelling! The show is generally great, but she just slammed it out of the park!

All in all: a really, really good day.