The short story I wrote for Eric Flint’s 1632 e-magazine, The Grantville Gazette, has been accepted for publication. The story is titled Bank On It, a teaser for which is now up on the website.

I am blown away by how quickly things moved on this. It took a while to finish the story, if only because my knowledge of chemistry was not sufficient to move the plot along. But I finished it two weeks ago and now it’s a done deal.

I am over the moon that this has happened. It’s no novel, but it is getting paid for the written product of my mind, something I’ve wanted since I was 10 years old and first understood where all the books I loved came from. While I’ve been published for game modules and adventures, this is fiction, flat out, and that’s a whole ‘nother level of process.

I am very blessed to have friends who gave encouragement and guidance, for me as an individual and for the story in particular.  Thanks to: Chuck, Mark, Rob, Rick, Alistair, and most especially Alan, who, a few years ago, saw that a beat man might have more skills than those necessary to walk a beat. It was you that gave me that first glimmer of hope, that first spark of confidence. Thank you.

I hope you will read and enjoy the tale, and hope to write many more that see publication.