Black Dogs, Great Friends

You faithful few know I’ve had some bad news of late. Not terrible, world-ending, I cannot go on-type news, just bad. On getting such news in the past, I have been known to let the black dogs in, that I might wallow in my self-pity with them.

This time was different. I have some problems, sure, but I also have a great kid, solid marriage and a job. Many cannot say that. Many are dealing with the rending torture of lives truly gone sideways. I recognized my bad news for what it was: something to be dealt with and processed.

Besides, after complaining about how long it took for the dish to be served, I can’t very well send it back for being undercooked, can I?

Helping me through all this was the fact I also had some friends really come through for me; some with inspiring words, others with favors that have confirmed what I have long thought to be true; you just can’t get through the challenges of life alone.

Peter V Brett, on hearing of the rejection, said, “It isn’t over until you quit.”

How very, very true.

No quitting here. Not now. Not ever.

On with the show.