Sometimes I feel more than a bit jaded, tired of the tawdry shit I see on a daily basis. It makes me angry, sometimes, makes me rant, a lot.

Due to last night’s bad news and despite all the generous support I read from those that learned of it, this morning I was feeling more than a bit sorry for myself and ready to take it out on the world.

As my faithful few know, I ride a motorbike for my commute. I bulled that bike into traffic this morning, riding aggressively. Once into traffic I opened the throttle quite strongly, but ended up stopped at the light that always gets me. GRunting curses under my breath, I waited for the interminable light to change so I could get on to work.

As I pulled away, about 1/5 of a mile down the road, there was a man standing between sidewalk and curb, sign in hand.

Now usually I would think, “Fuckin’ bum, angling for cash I don’t have to pay for his dope habit,” but this guy was nowhere near anywhere he might hit up stopped motorists for cash.

When I drew close enough to read his sign, it read simply, ‘SMILE’ in big red letters on a white background.

He wasn’t dressed like a nut, he didn’t act like one (aside from standing by the road early in the morning with a sign) and I don’t choose to believe he was one.

Instead I think he was placed there, by whatever Power that places such events in our path, to send a message to me and any others that cared to look at 0712Hrs on Treat Ave in Concord, Ca.

The message I drew from it was this: Don’t take it all so serious. Things could be much, much worse. Smile.

I smiled so wide it brought tears to my eyes.