Things I’ve Been Told About The Last Captain

Things my first readers have told me, aside from the invaluable editorial assistance:

“Pretty cool.”

“Ohhh, she’s a cold one, isn’t she?”

“I didn’t know that was why officers did that.”

“Damn, but I developed a cramp in my arm after I read that.”

“It’s clear you know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

“Those two sound an awful lot alike, but then they’re partners, so I guess it flies.”

“I keep thinking the partners are likely Laurel and Hardy, except the one is big and the other bigger, huh?”

“He’s clearly a sociopath, but I can sooo see why, and as an added bonus, he’s fuckin’ awesome.”

“When I finished it, I had to go back and read the first fifty pages and see what I missed! It’s all there, you asshole!”

It feels rather amazing to know readers get what I’m putting down.