The Coming Weekend

I managed to get myself on some panels at LibertyCon this coming weekend. I am feeling a strong dose of imposter syndrome for it, as one of the panels I am to participate in is with Dave Drake and John Ringo, two of the biggest stars of my SF-reading universe. In fact, I have been a fan of Dave’s work since I was fifteen, and John’s fan for about 15 years…So yeah, big moment for me. I am doubly lucky in that I know both gentlemen, and get on well with them.

Chuck Gannon and my co-author Eric Flint will be there, as well as the rest of the 1632 crew, among them many other friends and fond acquaintances.

I will also get a chance to see my oldest friend, Kyle, whom I have not seen in about five years. He will also come out to see my parents outside Chattanooga, the first time he’s seen them since we were 16 or so.

So, yeah, big week coming up for me. Hope I don’t screw up.